Your hosts at the Peace of Selby Wilderness Lodge in the Brooks Range of Alaska

About Us

Peace of Selby Lodge, constructed in 1981 of white spruce logs harvested from the surrounding forest, is a lovely example of superb log building art. It offers a place to have a personalized wilderness experience in an Arctic paradise.

"Let the lure of the wilderness and the escape it offers be turned into the beckoning of refuge in the midst of my busy world this day. Amen" - Anon

Your Hosts

Peace of Selby Wilderness Owners - Art Mortvedt, Damaris Mortvedt, and Be Sheldon. Each offers over 35 years of Arctic living.

Art MortvedtArt Mortvedt has completed over 20 years of polar expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic. He is an elected member of The Explorers Club, New York and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London. As a bush pilot and aircraft owner, Art has logged over 6000 flight hours in the Alaska bush and is an Alaska Registered Guide. Art has studied the traditional lifestyle of Inupiat Eskimos and other traditional cultures in South Africa, Australia, the Cook Islands, Greenland, and the Falkland Islands.

Damaris MortvedtDamaris Mortvedt has spent over 40 years in Alaska, teaching in remote Indian and Eskimo villages. She has cooked professionally in the Antarctic and in camps in remote areas of Alaska. She enjoys sharing the art of skin sewing and birch bark basket making.

Be SheldonBernice Sheldon is a retired teacher who has spent over 40 years living in northwest Alaska Eskimo villages and in central Alaska. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge of Inupiat Eskimo culture and artifacts, and local bird species. She also enjoys sharing her quilting hobby.



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