Alaskan Big game hunting at Peace of Selby Wilderness in the Brooks Range, north of the Arctic Circle

Alaska Hunting


YOUR HUNTING AREA is located in one of the most truly pristine wild areas yet remaining in North America - the BROOKS RANGE. Due to the remoteness of this region, far from the closest road, your hunt is PRIVATE. Vast herds of caribou inhabit this wilderness, along with healthy populations of moose, grizzly, black bear, and wolf.

YOUR GUIDE has lived, hunted, and traveled in this area for 35 years - learning much about traditional Eskimo hunting methods and lore. Art is an experienced bush pilot and aircraft owner, trapper, and dogmusher. He has spent many seasons doing scientific logistic support at the North and South Pole regions.

ACCOMMODATIONS on your hunt include log cabins, and traditional white canvas Alaskan wall tents. You may wish to combine a portion of your hunt with a stay at the Peace of Selby Wilderness Lodge, which is operated by your guide. After your successful hunt, relax in our hot tub by the lake shore. The Peace of Selby is located within Gates of the Arctic National Preserve; and since we are not allowed to guide therein, we must hunt the game rich areas outside the Preserve boundary.

Alaska Hunting Prospectus

Spring: March, April, May
Grizzly or Black Bear


First Hunt, Sept. 5-15
   Black Bear
*Early Caribou August 24 to September 2
*Late Caribou September 28 to October 5
Second Hunt, Sept. 15-25
   Black Bear

Single Specie Hunts

Moose US$ 17,000
Grizzly US$ 17,000
Caribou US$ 7,000
Black Bear US$ 7,000
Wolf US$ 7,000

Combination Hunts

Moose US$ 16,000
     +Grizzly +US$ 7,000
     +Caribou +US$ 3,500
     +Black Bear +US$ 3,500
     +Wolf No Charge

Grizzly US$ 16,000
     +Moose +US$ 7,000
     +Caribou +US$ 3,500
     +Black Bear +US$ 3,500
     +Wolf No Charge



A 50% DEPOSIT will secure your reservation. The remainder is due prior to the hunt. Your deposit is fully refundable up to 3 months prior to the hunt. In case of cancellation less than 3 months prior to the hunt, your deposit is forfeited.

    1) All food, lodging, and guide service
    2) Preparation of wolf and bear hides for transport
    3) Preparation of moose and caribou trophies for transport to the taxidermist
    4) Transport of game meat to the closest transport hub (usually Bettles)

    1) Food and lodging costs in Fairbanks
    2) Hunting license and tags
    3) Taxidermy of trophies
    3) Transportation fee - $1,500


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